Who sees a chiropractor?

In this video we look at studies asking who sees a chiropractor and for what reasons?


Who sees a chiropractor? Video Transcript

More and more people are now going to see a chiropractor. But you may be surprised to know why chiropractic care is becoming so much more popular. Most people know that if you have a sore back or sore neck or suffer from headaches, that a chiropractor may help you. But there are so many more reasons that people go and see a chiropractor.

A recent study found that about one in four Americans have visited a chiropractor at some time in their life, and almost 20 million Americans see a chiropractor each year. The reason people in the study gave for going to see a chiropractor were really interesting, although back or neck pain was the main specific health problem people gave for seeing a chiropractor.

Almost half of the chiropractic patients said they went for general wellness or disease prevention. So they saw a chiropractor because they wanted to function at their best, and about one in every six chiropractic patients said they saw their chiropractor to improve their athletic or sports performance, or to improve their energy.

When they were asked what chiropractic care had helped them with, about two thirds of the chiropractic patients said chiropractic care had helped them to improve their overall health and made them feel better, and almost half of them said it helped them to sleep better or to reduce stress and to relax.

Over 30% of those seeing chiropractors said it helped them by making it easier to cope with their health problems and it gave them a sense of control over their health.

Some even said it improved their relationship with others or improved attendance at work or school, and some felt that chiropractic motivated them to eat healthier and exercise more regularly.

If people went to see a chiropractor because their back or neck or joints were sore, about two thirds of them said that chiropractic care helped them a great deal with these problems. And only a handful of them said that it didn’t help at all. One other really cool finding in this study was that most chiropractic patients said they felt that chiropractic care helped them with the cause of their health problems instead of just treating their symptoms.

This is really important. Symptoms are a bit like a fire alarm. The fire alarm is not the problem. The fire is if the alarm only goes off to let you know that something is not right.

So if you take drugs or medication to mask your pain or symptoms, it’s a bit like taking the battery out of the fire alarm.

It’s much better to take care of the cause of the problem straight away.

This is what your chiropractor is aiming to do.

So why do so many people go and see a chiropractor? It’s not just because they get a lot of help if they’re suffering from pain or other health problems. They go because they want to perform better on the sporting field, an athletic track. Maybe they want to sleep better. They want to deal with stress better or to be able to relax. Or they go because they simply want to improve their overall health and function at their best. Almost 50% of those asked said they went to see their chiropractor to maintain their health and wellbeing.

So, have you seen your family chiropractor lately?

Do you need help with a health problem? Would you like to cope better with your health concerns? Do you want to sleep better, feel better, have more energy, reduce stress, relax, or simply maintain your health and wellbeing, give it a go and join the millions of others who claim to get these benefits from chiropractic care.


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