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Established In 1988​

Chiropractic Clinic Essendon – Spineline has qualified and registered Chiropractors, Massage Therapists & Myotherapists, that provide high quality care for each person in their care.


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433 Buckley Street, Aberfeldie (Ess) Vic. 3040
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Chiropractic technique


Chiropractic Care is a form of manual medicine that involves gentle hands-on treatment to bring about pain relief, alignment and freedom of movement.
We use a range of traditional manual therapies and modern treatments, depending on your condition or preference. These techniques include conventional spinal adjustments, low force adjustments, biomechanical blocking and Activator Methods. Other chiropractic techniques that are commonly used among our chiropractors include soft tissue therapy, dry needling, theragun massage, mobilisation techniques and TENS machine.
Commonly, rehabilitation exercises, at-home advice and education are also incorporated within your treatment regime.
We provide a wide variety of tables including Flexion-distraction Elevation Chiropractic tables, Hi-Lo and Gonstead Chiropractic tables to suit our wide range of patients & their needs.
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Massage Therapy

Remedial massage works deeply into the layers of muscle tissue to release tension in the body. Treatment aims to improve the movement in your joints, reduce muscle tension in tight muscles and reduce pain.
Our remedial massage therapists can target any specific problem areas that you may have. Our massage therapists use a wide range of techniques including a holistic approach, stretching techniques and recommend exercises to get the most out of each session. The depth or “pressure” used is varied depending on the region, degree and type of symptoms that the client is experiencing as well as the client’s preferred pressure.
We also offer Relaxation Massage services.

therapy for lumbar disc bulge

Flexion distraction therapy is an advanced, specific spine based decompression therapy commonly used to manage the symptoms of disc injury and various other lower back pain complaints with great success.

It is a very useful and gentle chiropractic treatment used by practitioners to treat lower back and leg pain symptoms. It’s also a reliable alternative to explore if spinal surgery has been recommended.

Conditions such as lumbar disc injuries, degenerative spinal conditions, spinal stenosis, low back pain, leg pain, buttock pain, sciatica pain, arthritis, general lower back stiffness, spondylolisthesis, sprain or strain, post-surgical back pain, sacroiliac syndrome, and ankylosing spondylitis may benefit from flexion distraction therapy, which aims to reduce pressure on the spinal nerves and return motion to spinal joints. 

Dr Michael Portelli, Chiropractor

About Us

We trust that we can make a difference to the health and well being of you and your family. The Buckley Street Family Chiropractic Clinic was founded in the Moonee Valley district in 1988 by Dr. Michael Portelli Chiropractor.

The clinic has enjoyed growth in size and popularity and we love being part of such a vibrant and beautiful community. Conveniently situated for patients residing in Essendon, Strathmore, Moonee Ponds, Aberfeldie, Niddrie, Avondale Heights and Brunswick.

We have a range of Chiropractors, as well as Remedial masseurs and Myotherapists.

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433 Buckley Street, Aberfeldie Vic. 3040
Corner of Buckley St. & Afton St.