Should I take my baby to a chiropractor?

In this video we share the results of a study looking at the benefits of Chiropractic Care for babies which helps new parents answer the question: “Should I Take My Baby to See A Chiropractor?” It is particularly relevant where there was a difficult or lengthy labour.

A transcript of the video follows.



Should I take my baby to a Chiropractor? Video Transcript

One question many new parents ask is whether they should take their baby to see a chiropractor or another manual therapist.

But babies don’t have back pain, do they? So why might a chiropractor help a baby? Well, the answer is really simple. Chiropractors don’t see babies to help them with their back pain.

They see babies to help improve spinal function with the aim of improving your child’s brain’s ability to process what’s going on in their body and give them the best possible start in life.

But why might a baby have problems with the way their spine is functioning? That’s another really simple question to answer. Spending nine months growing in mum’s tummy can get really cramped. Before baby is even born, the pressure they’re under in the mum’s uterus can cause changes in the way their bones move and fuse together, or the shape of their skull.

And then the strains the baby faces during delivery, either as they pass through the birth canal or from forceps, or other forms of assisted delivery, can cause injuries to the baby’s spine or nervous system that doctors and parents may not even be aware of.

In fact, a study was published in 2015 where researchers looked at a hundred healthy newborn babies and tested them for a variety of problems with the way their spine and the bones of their skull were moving. What the researchers found in this study was that just about all the babies they checked had a problem that may have benefited from care by a manual therapist.

Over 90% of the babies had a problem with the way their neck was moving, and even more problems with their lower back.

That was a really interesting finding because who knows? Maybe babies get pain after all.

The researchers in this study were also interested to see whether the duration of labour made a difference to how many problems the babies had with the way their spine and skull moved. What they found was that the longer labor went on for, the more problems the babies had. These problems are all types of things that chiropractors and other manual therapists aim to help with when they check your baby.

And this may explain why research studies have suggested chiropractic care may help babies to cry less and maybe even sleep better.

When appropriately applied, chiropractic is known to be safe for kids and babies. So maybe it’s a good idea to have your baby checked by a chiropractor, especially if they had a long or difficult birth, to make sure they get the best possible start in life.


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