Pregnancy & Childbirth

In this video we share the results of studies which show how chiropractic care can help during pregnancy & childbirth.

A transcript of the video follows.

Chiropractic Care & Pregnancy Studies Video Transcript

Pregnancy can be a really exciting time for parents. They get ready for their family to grow with the baby’s arrival. This often means setting up the nursery, shopping for baby clothes, car seats, pushchairs and lots of nappies. It also means mum’s body is changing as baby grows and mum prepares to give birth.

Sometimes these changes can be uncomfortable or even painful. In fact, about three quarters of pregnant mums suffer from pain in their back or pelvis while they are pregnant. This is one reason so many pregnant mums seek chiropractic care to help them through their pregnancy. When deciding whether they should see a chiropractor, pregnant mums often ask, Is it safe to get adjusted by a chiropractor when I’m pregnant?

The good news is that chiropractors can tailor the care they provide to each individual patient. And the research suggests that chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe for both mum and baby.

But, what does the research tell us about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor while you’re pregnant?

When it comes to back pain, not many big studies have been done yet that have looked at whether chiropractic care helps.

So although more research is needed, results from the research that has been done so far are promising and seem to show that for some pregnant mums, chiropractic care can be really helpful.

In one study, researchers in Switzerland followed 115 pregnant mums for a year who went to see a chiropractor with low back pain.

What they found in this study was that over half of the patients said that they improved after just one week of chiropractic care.

After a month, that figure had grown to 70%. By the end of the study, about 90% of pregnant mums said their pain was better. From this study, we can’t be sure if it was the chiropractic care that really helped them,  but at the end of the study, over 85% of the mums said they were happy with the care they received from their chiropractor.

One other area in which researchers think chiropractic care may help through pregnancy is with the delivery of their baby.

For women in labour, the ability to relax and contract her pelvic floor muscles is really important for helping baby to move through the birth canal. Ideally, for the birth process to go as well as possible, giving the greatest chance for a natural vaginal birth, you want strong pelvic floor muscles that can relax and contract at just the right times.

In a study conducted in New Zealand, researchers studied pelvic floor muscle function in pregnant women before and after they were adjusted by a chiropractor. What they found was that after the pregnant women were adjusted, their pelvic floor muscles appeared to relax more. This relaxation of their pelvic floor muscles after they were adjusted may mean that chiropractic care could help them to have a natural vaginal delivery.

This was only a small trial, and the researchers couldn’t be sure how much of an impact these relaxed muscles would have on labour itself. But it does suggest that for pregnant mums, chiropractic care may give them some control over their pelvic floor muscles. This may make childbirth easier.

Other research supports this idea. One study reporting that new mums experience on average a 25% reduction in the length of labour time with chiropractic care during pregnancy. And that rises to a 31% reduction for mothers who have given birth before.

It makes sense to keep yourself as healthy as possible during your pregnancy. So if you want help with the way your spine and nervous system are functioning, consider seeing your family chiropractor. It’s natural, safe, and may help you to feel better and boost your chances of having a faster, easier delivery of your little bundle of joy.



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