We are a wellness based chiropractic centre which means we want you to be well. Wellness also means also helping you reach your full physical potential. Chiropractic is a form of manual medicine that involves gentle hands-on treatment to bring about pain relief, alignment and freedom of movement. Using skilled evaluation, diagnosis and a wide range of hands-on techniques, Chiropractors can identify areas of dysfunction in your body.

The basic principle of chiropractic is that changes to the normal structure and function of the skeleton and its supporting structures such as the muscles can produce effects not just in those areas, but in other areas of the body and health in general. While the focus has been on the spine, chiropractors view all of the joints, surrounding muscles and nerves as potential sources of problems.

All of the Chiropractors at our clinic have completed at least 5 years of University training to become registered Chiropractors and are members of the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA) or Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA).



Chiropractors use a wide variety of techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, adjustments, stretching and gentle joint manipulation where appropriate to treat the muscles, joints, ligaments and connective tissues of the body.

Using a holistic approach to health, the functioning of the whole body is improved which assists in effective function of the lymphatic, circulatory, nervous and organ systems of the body. Chiropractors also take into account lifestyle factors such as exercise, posture, diet and stress and will prescribe stretching or strengthening exercises where applicable.

We use a variety of techniques including: Applied Kinesiology, SOT, Drop piece, Gonstead, Diversified, Activator, Active muscle release, Stretching, Acupuncture and Dry Needling, Webster technique for pregnancy, Blocking, Kinesio taping for sports injuries and Flexion-Distraction for disc injuries. The best techniques are discussed to address the injury for optimal care.